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Independent Recruiter VS Agency


An Independent Recruiter offers both clients and candidates a one-on-one personalised, tailored service that the big names in the recruitment field can’t possibly replicate due to their sheer volume of work to reach targets.  This means that Independent Recruiters have the time to get to know their candidates and clients, have the drive to find the best candidate, client and position fit possible and the ability to offer their clients exceptional service for incredibly competitive fees.

Value for Money

Smaller businesses have lower overheads, so an agile Independent Recruiter will be able to move with the market, with trends and with technologies and be completely flexible to differentiate themselves from larger, slower, more costly, and more ‘structured’ competitors.

Bespoke Methods

With industry specific experience, an Independent Specialist Recruiter will understand your business and the role you are recruiting for in far more depth than a generalist agency. Don’t waste time educating a recruiter when you can find one that understands your business and the positions you need to fill. You want to partner with a professional who will select a shortlist of candidates based on knowledge rather than best guesswork or volume CV’s in the hope that one will stick. Independent Recruiters are more likely to develop a bespoke campaign around your specific requirements and have a greater chance of attracting and sourcing the talent you are looking for.



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