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The Benefits of Partnering with a Contract Recruiter

Contract Recruiters are a smart alternative to a contingency search, as a way of  developing and providing targeted recruiting strategies geared toward your unique organisation.  When faced with multiple job requirements to fill in a short space of time, this is a solution that guarantees success.

Similar to an RPO method (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), a form of business process outsourcing where a consultant acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for all or a portion of its jobs for a period of time, this works best for volume requirements.

The reality of using a recruitment agency, however successful they can be for you, is that you still have no control or knowledge over how they manage your assignment. When you have to outsource recruitment, you will no doubt call an industry-specific recruiter who may come out to meet you and spend an hour or two talking to you about your business and your requirements. They will probably then go back to their office to categorise your hire based on their priorities of other clients, most likely in order of the highest paying.

The value for you – Working with a Contract Recruiter allows for management of the entire recruiting and hiring process from opportunity profiling through to the starting of the new employee, including method, market mapping, perception reporting and a stronger focus on retention. This increases the ability to implement changes to the hiring process with much less disruption to your current systems and processes, reducing risk whilst maintaining the values of implementation.

Key Points:

  • A Contract Recruiter will Focus Only on Hiring

This is more effective than using only a Human Resources department for hiring; a department who is established to support administrative personnel functions and process paperwork, performance and benefits management, employee relations and resource planning. Each company is different, and so develops its own individual set of HR policies, but an RPO or Contract Recruiter is an add-on to your business to supplement your current process but who focuses solely on growth. Every hour of their working day is spent on sourcing the best talent in the market for YOUR business.

  • A Contract Recruiter Provides an On-Call Service

Unlike sourcing, interviewing and employing an In-House Recruiter, a Contract Recruiter does not become your employee, does not add to your headcount, does not demand a salary or benefits and will retire from your business when the job is done, or when you no longer need their service.


  • A Contract Recruiter will spend time in your business to entirely understand the structure, the operations and the culture
  • They will be consistently accessible to you so you are always involved in the process
  • They can meet your current employees and learn every aspect of their job
  • Use their knowledge of your company to be the best advocate for you when approaching candidates in the market
  • Maintain an influence after hiring to reduce drop-outs
  • They act as a well-networked, trusted ambassador to sell your business – for the duration of the assignment you will always be their priority client 

Working with a Contract Recruiter is a proven, cost-effective service that saves time, ensures results and keeps you in total control over your hiring process. It enables a lasting, consistent and trusting relationship for the future so you can continue to focus your energy on the areas of your business you need.


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