Career Coaching

Do you miss being charged up for work in the morning? Feel that ever looming sense of dread on a Sunday night knowing it’s almost “back to the grind?” Do you feel complacent, long for more of a challenge or feel undervalued at work?

Are you a recent graduate facing the job market for the first time and need some guidance? Are you unemployed or facing redundancy?  Interviewed well but can’t understand why you didn’t progress?

If any of these scenarios sound like you, it might be time to think about getting some outside guidance for your career options.

A lot of recruiters and career advice companies will look at your resume but don’t necessarily analyse who you are as a person; your needs, wants and aspirations.

Just like a sports coach can’t run a race or play a match for you, a career coach won’t attend an interview for you or find you the perfect job, but they will guide you through the process for you to be more effective in your career exploration process than you might do on your own.

As a Career Coach with international experience, I can help you identify your key skills, talents and potential. I can provide insight, encouragement, inspiration and confidence to assure you obtain your goals in the most effective way possible. Confidence is crucial to the whole process so we will explore confidence-building techniques and methods to ensure you maintain faith in yourself, to eliminate any areas of self-doubt.

As a trained Career Coach, I work one-on-one with individuals providing support in the following key areas of career exploration:

  • Helping you identify and understand your skills, strengths and potential
  • Helping you think about the way ahead – establishing a career plan
  • Identifying your career options and conducting a targeted job search
  • How to produce a winning CV
  • The value of Social Media Marketing and utilising your social network
  • Applications and letters – discussing the best routes
  • Interview Techniques – Preparation, Process and Closing
  • Reviewing the progress – assessing the approach and the results
  • Managing and assessing offers